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Vegan Caramelized Onion Pasta

I’m actually excited to share this vegan caramelized onion pasta recipe with you all today, as it was one in all my extra everyday posts on instagram. The concept to make a easy pasta dish was impressed via the actuality that I’ve been incorporating extra carbs into my diet, way to directions from my GI doctor. While I’ve heavily been lacking uncooked vegetables and salads, it’s been a good switch to simply consume a huge bowl of pasta guilt-free. Which type of makes me wonder… why have to anybody actually sense “guilty” about consuming a bowl of pasta within the primary place?

Vegan Caramelized Onion Pasta

This is anything that’s been a fixed feedback about these within the wellbeing business. Some wellbeing personalities (some – no longer all) have type of lent a sure morality to foods, implying that a few are upstanding, good; and others are bad, dirty, or impure. (This isn’t counting the moral causes behind veganism). And to be fair, there may be a few fact to that – a bag of preservative and artificial-coloring laden chips is genuinely no longer the similar factor as a bowl of freshly made rice and steamed vegetables. But have to anybody actually sense responsible about consuming these chips if that’s what they actually desire to eat? No!

I realize I’ve unquestionably made myself actually sense bad for consuming issues like chips or junk meals within the past. And it’s true – these issues need to no longer most likely presumably the foremost nutritiously meritorious meals ever. They’re simply not. But have to I GUILT myself for indulging in junk food, if it’s simply anything my physique is actually calling me to eat? No. Food shouldn’t be a gauge of my – or anybody else’s – value as a person. I’m no longer a nasty user if I even have a bag of chips. I’m no longer a worse user than an individual who eats “clean” all of the time. And at the similar token, that user who eats “clean” isn’t a worse user simply due to the actual fact they consume that way. Food options are personal, simply due to the actual fact we’re all different. So how will we examine every one different primarily founded on what we eat? It simply doesn’t make any sense to do so. Let of us make their very own choices.

So here’s a delicious pasta recipe, which you just have to get pleasure from GUILT-FREE. It’s tremendous easy – with simply a handful of ingredients, however the depth of taste is incredible, way to the caramelized onions. Before making, I could rather suggest studying this e-book via The Kitchn about the way to caramelize onions – it’s a excellent resource. I wish you all get pleasure from this pasta! :)

Caramelized Onion Pasta | Well and Full | #vegan #pasta #recipeVegan Caramelized Onion Pasta | Well and Full | #vegan #pasta #recipe

Caramelized Onion Pasta | Well and Full | #vegan #pasta #recipe
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Caramelized Onion Pasta
This caramelized onion pasta has simply a handful of ingredients, but has an severe depth of taste from the candy and savory caramelized onions, and a pop of freshness from the lemon.
 Prep Time 10 minutes
 Cook Time 1 hour
 Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
 Servings 2 -3


12 oz . Casarecce Pasta or different pasta, like ziti or penne
3 Medium Vidalia Onions
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sauté
Juice from 1-2 Lemons to taste
Salt and Pepper to Taste


Start via prepping the onions - cut the onions in half, then cut the halves into thin, C-shaped slices.

Bring just a bit little bit of olive oil in a sauté pan to medium-low heat, and upload the onions. Now comes the ready - permit the onions cook dinner down for about an hour, stirring every one 5-10 minutes or so. Be cautious no longer to permit the pan get too hot - the onions will burn. Just maintain the pan on medium low heat, and permit them cook dinner down slowly. It's time consuming, but nicely value the wait. For a extra accomplished e-book on caramelizing the onion, please see this article from The Kitchn.
While onions are cooking down, cook dinner the pasta according to package deal deal directions. I used casarecce but you possibly can use any type of tubular pasta, like ziti or penne. Rotini or fusilli could possibly work too. When pasta is completed cooking, drain and set apart within the pot you used to cook dinner it in.

When onions are completed cooking, they have to be a stunning brown coloration and can scent amazing. Scrape the onions into the pot filled with pasta, and blend well. Add in juice from the lemons (taste and modify if needed), and salt and pepper to taste.

Serve and enjoy!CLICK FOR ALL >>>