Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No Bake Samoa Cookies (Girl Scout Copycat)

These Copycat Girl Scout No-Bake Samoa Cookies are AWESOME. Everyone who’s tried one has beloved them and requested for the recipe!

No Bake Samoa Cookies (Girl Scout Copycat)

A couple of days ago, I teased y’all with this recipe on my social media accounts. (Are you following me?!) And everybody was begging for the recipe and ready for the day I posted them.

Well folks, on the moment is your fortunate day!

I have nothing towards the Girl Scouts. Absolutely nada. Even although my trip as a Girl Scout wasn’t as exceptional and dandy as everybody else’s, I don’t grasp something towards them simply due to the fact hello? They promote cookies and positioned on patchwork vests. How are you able to hate individual in a patchwork vest that’s hocking Tagalongs? YOU CAN’T.

But what I love/hate about them is that the cookie season is so short. I admit – in the event that they bought cookies year-round, we’d by no potential desire to purchase them simply due to the fact they’d be anywhere all of the time. But on the similar time, I actually have no willpower and can snarf an whole bundle in a single sitting that was meant to final for an extended interval of time, after which I bounce yearning them again.

Also, no longer their fault, but they positioned like 5 cookies in a bundle now. WHAT GIVES. I really sense like I consume my single serving (read: whole box) that I spent $5 on after which must shuffle my method once more to the store, head hung low with shame, and shove one other Lincoln of their direction for my subsequent fix. That’s how they getcha! I’m onto you, Girl Scouts of America. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO.

Since I frequently crave the perfectness of their Samoa Cookies (or as they’re now known, Caramel Delites), I decided I had to create a Samoa cookie that I may consume year-round till my homegirls are staked outdoor of the grocery shop promoting me my largest vice with their adorable lacking enamel and light-up shoes.

These Samoa Cookies style IDENTICAL to the actual deal. I promise you! You’ve got the shortbread cookie base that’s dipped in chocolate, then topped with a gooey caramel & toasted coconut mixture, then drizzled with chocolate. I mean, how are you able to say no?!

These No Bake Girl Scout Copycat Samoa Cookies are so awesome! Buttery, rich, choked with toasted coconut, caramel and chocolate and are in simple terms 5 ingredients! Easy, fast, and so satisfying!! Best of all, those are NO BAKE which potential you don’t must spend hours getting ready cookie dough, rolling them out, baking them, cooling them, frosting them and assembling them. You can literally cut out the center man and pass immediately to eating. HALLELUJAH!

Now who needs some? I’ll share.

These No Bake Girl Scout Copycat Samoa Cookies are so awesome! Buttery, rich, choked with toasted coconut, caramel and chocolate and are in simple terms 5 ingredients! Easy, fast, and so satisfying!!

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No Bake Samoa Cookies (Girl Scout Copycat)
Author: Hayley Parker, The Domestic Rebel
Recipe type: Cookies
Prep time:  30 mins Total time:  30 mins
Serves: 20-24

These No Bake Samoa Cookies are a vintage Girl Scout favourite made EASY with just a few ready ingredients! No must anticipate cookie season anymore!


1 pkg fudge stripe shortbread cookies (about 20-24 cookies)
1 (11 oz) pkg caramel bits
3 Tbsp heavy cream
2 cups toasted coconut*
2 squares chocolate CandiQuik


Line a baking sheet with foil and region the fudge stripe shortbread cookies stripe-up onto the baking sheet, spaced out about 1-2" aside from one another. Set aside briefly.

In a medium microwaveable bowl, combine the caramel bits and the heavy cream. Microwave on HIGH for about 30 seconds. Stir, then microwave once more for about 15-20 seconds. Stir till tender & melted. Fold within the toasted coconut to combine.

Working quickly, drop Tablespoonfuls of the coconut caramel combination onto every cookie, spreading it out to hide the floor of the cookie. Repeat with remaining cookies till all of the cookies are covered.

In a small bowl, microwave the chocolate CandiQuik on HIGH energy for about 30 seconds, stirring till melted & smooth. Drizzle the chocolate over the cookies (I like spooning the chocolate right into a sandwich baggy, seal out the air, and snip off a nook for a makeshift piping bag). Let the chocolate and cookies set, about 15-20 minutes, earlier than serving. Store hermetic at room temperature.

*TO TOAST COCONUT: Spread the coconut in a foil-lined baking pan in an even layer. Preheat oven to 300 ranges F. Place coconut within the preheated oven and bake for 5 minutes. Stir, then bake for one other 5-7 minutes. Stir as soon as extra and bake for an extra 3-5 minutes or till toasted, protecting a watchful eye on the coconut the complete time.source