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creamy potato, bacon & brie tartiflette

A tartiflette recipe is genuinely appropriate for the cloudy and wet April within the UK. It is a hearty and superior dish that requires some preparation, most likely one of the foremost tedious activity being cleansing the potatoes. As the tartiflette comes out of the oven, it's visually stunning! With the golden layer on top, it makes you desire to sink the knife into the tartiflette and cut your self a slice. Furthermore, it’s huge for serving distinct site guests or for making ready meals in advance, as you'll be able to shop the tartiflette within the fridge for a pair of days. No problem!

creamy potato, bacon & brie tartiflette

Tartiflette Serving
making pleased memories
This is an vintage recipe of mine that I’ve lastly up to date with new photos. Nine years have handed and tales had been made alongside the way.

As a meals blogger there may be the extra drive of “performing” whilst site guests come over, expecting a gourmet meal simply due to the fact after all, here is my profession. Thus far, this tartiflette has stored me out of trouble.

 Lamb Madras
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While residing with quite a section criticism, this was the only time my now ex-husband in fact stored his mouth close and went again for seconds.

I rely whilst I served this to a fellow single mom who was truthfully so thankful that she didn’t ought to practice dinner for as soon as and loved the novelty of simply sitting down to eat. She fell off the weight-reduction plan bandwagon going for seconds.

Most of us have seconds with this dish, so make as big a amount as you can. Leftovers reheat nicely within the oven. One severe instance is whilst I requested an ex-boyfriend (I’m detecting a working topic here) on how big his NULL friends’ appetites are, making an attempt to gauge the measurement of the tartiflette I needed to make. He was of no assist and within the give up I ended up making 12 servings for myself and three men. Other than a small amount leftover that didn’t fit into the baking dish, they hoovered up the tartiflette like nobody’s business. Afterwards they taught me poker and I kicked their asses at it. Sweet.

These days I via no means make it for myself, making an attempt to preserve down all of the weight I lost, and figuring out I’ll pig out and overeat whilst given the opportunity. So this tartiflette recipe is strictly reserved for site guests so that we will sin together.

On this social gathering I made it for NULL chums as a thanks who helped me construct my new smoker, which I can’t wait to attempt out. And so the tales preserve being made…

Tartiflette Halfway
what is it?
What the heck is a tartiflette? Obviously, here is a French dish. However, it doesn’t pretty translate nicely into English. Just to make it clear, it's now not a tart! The recipe doesn’t name for any dough. One can say, it’s an oven-baked savoury and cream-filled dish. I guess you'll be able to evaluate it to a gratin. In fact, I’ve made a candy potato gratin recently. It in fact resembles a tartiflette. The principal difference, however, is the addition of the pretty French cheese and pork, but I’ll get to that later.

The tartiflette originally comes from the French area of Savoy. Funnily enough, this area is recognized for the Tom de Savoie cheese, but it’s now not the only this recipe calls for. Nevertheless, on this region, the locals use the Arpitan language that is ultimately a Franco-Proven├žal language. Hence, tartiflette was derived from the native Arpitan phrase referred to as ‘tartifla.’ The first time the tartiflette made an appearance was in a cookbook printed in 1705. That’s an vintage dish coming from the French Alps. This likely explains its hearty nature, simply due to the fact it's going to undoubtedly warm you up from the inside. I wish you take pleasure on this pretty and memorable French dish.

it’s all concerning the cheese
Do you're keen on French cheeses? I fully adore French cheese! In fact, I would say that Brie ranks as one among my liked cheeses. Brie is a gentle and slight cheese, creamy in texture. What I love about Brie, is that it’s now not too fragrant nor intense. No, it’s now not one among these in fact terrible pungent cheeses, though I advocate shopping for a cheese container. Brie may make its presence recognized on your fridge, so make certain you seal this bad boy.

The most widespread form of Brie you'll be able to purchase is the Brie de Meaux. It comes from a French little metropolis referred to as Meaux. It’s comprised of cow’s milk and is so much less intense than different cheeses. Absolutely appropriate for this recipe! A regular Brie from the supermarket may also do the trick. Lastly, it won’t overpower the relaxation of the ingredients. The different varieties of cheeses you'll be able to imagine for this recipe are:

Camembert: a in fact wealthy and intense cheese. Very comparable to Brie in phrases of texture. If you don’t like that intense cheese flavour, don’t cross for Camembert.
Brillat-Savarin: very gentle and fatty cheese. My private favourite. It’s comparable to a tremendous creamy Brie. I imply tremendous creamy! Low in intensity, excessive in calorie count.
Reblochon: a cheese made within the Savoy region, comparable simply due to the fact the tartiflette. Very creamy and intense.
Roquefort: intense blue cheese.
Here’s a section of tip from me to you. Whatever cheese you judge to use, even though I advocate Brie for the tartiflette, don’t use all of it! Leave a section of little bit of the cheese at the edge whilst you practice your tartiflette. You can serve it as a starter with grapes and a few wine, should you're making the tartiflette for guests. Again, a section of little bit of cheese, grapes and possibly a fig marmalade, coupled with some white wine sends the appropriate welcome message.

Ready For Oven Tartiflette
The tartiflette is vegetarian- pleasant should you omit the bacon. However, simply due to the fact the recipe consists of quite a section of bit of dairy products, it’s now not reliable for vegans. It calls for double cream, milk and cheese. If you desire to make this dish fitter and so much less concentrated on dairy, use soy milk rather of the regular milk. The potatoes are the appropriate base for the tartiflette. First, they'll take in the delicious cream and can be moist. Second, you'll be able to apply candy potatoes as a wholesome substitute. The candy potatoes are very respectable for of us who undergo from a diabetes condition. Limit the cream, cross pale at the cheese and heavy at the candy potatoes, and you’ve cooked your self a fitter dish.

Are potatoes nonetheless too heavy for you? Try utilizing extra vegetable choices resembling cauliflower. The creamy cauliflower recipe will swimsuit you, should you wish veggies.  You too can attempt creamed spinach should you've got an iron and vitamin deficiency.

flavour enhancers
Don’t be afraid to cross gaga with the garlic. The garlic will practice dinner itself within the creamy mixture, leaving a delicate trace of garlic flavour. Who doesn’t love garlic in cream? You too can freshen up the tartiflette with including some herbs. I’ve used thyme, but pretty experience loose to make use of rosemary or bear garlic. Bear garlic can be recognized as damsons, buckrams or wild garlic. First, their leaves have a garlic taste. Second, you'll be able to simply discover them in supermarkets. Third, they're in season! Get them at their greatest at your native farmer’s market!

carnivore alternatives
The unique French recipe calls for bacon bits. They upload a section of bit of smokiness to the tartiflette. Furthermore, they make the dish saltier. Locals within the Savoy area serve the tartiflette as edge with grilled ham. These little modifications are very favoured via male company. If you pretty love meat, upload an complete pan fried steak and serve with a edge of salad.

Tartiflette Baked
wine combination
As a nice wine pairing for the tartiflette, I would imply a flavourful, now not too dry wine. It may be a German Riesling, or a Gew├╝rztraminer from Alsace, equally somewhat at the candy side, with an virtually perfumed fruitiness, which will mix nicely with the flavours of the pretty golden tartiflette. If however, you wish a chardonnay, then cross for a wealthy one, from the south of France and even an abroad one.

In phrases of storage, you'll be able to disguise the tartiflette in hang foil and shop for a pair of days. A week at maximum, depending on how chilly your fridge is. You too can freeze it simply in a container. This way, you’ll have a able meal on a chilly and wet day.

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Serving Tartiflette
creamy potato, bacon & brie tartiflette

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Author: Michelle Minnaar  Prep Time: 15 minutes  Cook Time: 60 minutes  Total Time: 1 hours 15 minutes  Yield: 6 1x


10ml (2 tsp) vegetable oil
300g (10 oz) bacon, chopped
1 enormous onion, thinly sliced
5ml (1 tsp) recent thyme leaves
284ml (½ pint) double (heavy) cream
300ml (½ pint) milk
1 clove garlic, crushed
1kg (2 lbs) waxy potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
250g mature ripe Brie, cut into thin slices


Preheat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/350°F/gas mark 4, and flippantly grease a 1.5-litre ovenproof dish. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the bacon and onion over a medium warmth for 4-5 minutes till delivery to brown.

Chop the thyme leaves, booking a number of to garnish. Place the thyme, cream, milk and garlic in a enormous pan. Bring to a simmer, upload the potatoes, then disguise and practice dinner for 5 minutes. Stir within the bacon and onions and season with freshly flooring black pepper. Place half the potato combination within the bottom of the keen dish, then higher with half the sliced cheese. Repeat, finishing with a layer of cheese.

Bake within the oven for 40-45 minutes, till the potatoes are tender whilst pierced with a knife, and the higher is golden. Garnish with the last thyme and serve immediately.source