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Cold Tanuki Udon

A speedy summer time lunch: Cold Tanuki Udon – fresh chilly udon drizzled in umami mentsuyu and topped with cucumber, tomatoes, tenkasu, wakame, and egg.

Cold Tanuki Udon

Cold Tanuki Udon Noodles and topped with cucumber, tomatoes, tenkasu, wakame and egg on a white bowl.
When the climate will get too hot, 1) your urge for food is going down, 2) you don’t desire to cook, 3) all you desire to consume is anything chilly and funky down, like Green Tea Shaved Ice. Sure, I even have skipped a meal and get pleasure from chilly treats for lunch whilst I wasn’t a mom. But with my kids around, I even have got to assume of QUICK and EASY (and cold!) dishes for our lunch, and needless to say it ought to be delicious as well. Cold Tanuki Udon (冷やしたぬきうどん) is a appropriate lunch on these hot days.

Watch How to Make Cold Tanuki Udon 冷やしたぬきうどんの作り方

Cool off with this fresh and delicious chilly udon drizzled in umami mentsuyu and topped with cucumber, tomatoes, tenkasu, wakame, and egg.

Tanuki Udon is a udon noodle soup always served in a hot dashi broth and topped with tempura bits referred to as tenkasu. However, throughout the summer time months this dish is typically ready cold. It’s very fresh and tremendous simple to prepare.

Cold Tanuki Udon Noodles in a white bowl.

For these unfamiliar with Tenkasu 天かす (or typically referred to as Agedama 揚げ玉), it's merely little bits of crunchy fried tempura batter and sprinkled like mini-croutons. It may be further on ideal of noodle soup, or combined in dishes like Okonomiyaki, Hiroshimayaki, and Takoyaki. Tenkasu provides equally taste and texture to the food. Pre-made tenkasu may be discovered in a package deal deal like this and purchased at Japanese supermarkets.

If you don’t assume you might get tempura bits in local grocery stores, don’t worry. You might use the leftover tempura crumbs from whilst you make tempura, or merely skip it and get pleasure from tanuki udon together with your favourite foods (but can’t name it Tanuki, because it refers to tenkasu).

Cold tanuki udon is supposed to be simple, easy, and quick, and likewise cool you down from the hot weather.

Cold Tanuki Udon Noodles in a white bowl.
Theories of Tanuki
Now in case you're wondering concerning the identify of this dish… Tanuki. Do you realize what the phrase capacity in Japanese? Tanuki (たぬき, 狸) capacity a raccoon dog. No, I’m serious! What’s that to do with this dish and why was it named after a raccoon dog?

There are a number of theories why this udon noodle dish is referred to as tanuki, nonetheless it surely appears like no person actually is aware of for sure. One solid idea is that the identify tanuki comes from “tane nuki” (meaning “without fillings” just tenkasu).

Also, the every area in Japan has their very own variety of “Tanuki Udon” and they're somewhat other from area to region. Let’s appear at these three large cities: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. In Tokyo, “tanuki” refers to tenkasu, like I stated above. In Kyoto, however, “tanuki” refers to Kitsune Udon or Kitsune Soba with ankake (a dish the place a thick gravy sauce is poured over ingredients). In Osaka, “tanuki” capacity Kitsune Soba (soba only), and udon with tenkasu is merely referred to as Tenkasu Udon now not Tanuki Udon. Next time you’re in Japan and sees Tanuki Udon at the menu, make certain to rely the place you're otherwise you might be in for a surprise.

Cold Tanuki Udon Noodles in a white bowl.
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Cold Tanuki Udon Noodles | Easy Japanese Recipes at Just
Prep Time10 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time15 mins

A speedy summer time lunch: Cold Tanuki Udon - fresh chilly udon drizzled in umami mentsuyu and topped with cucumber, tomatoes, tenkasu, wakame, and egg.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: chilly noodle, udon noodle
Servings: 2
Author: Nami


⅓ cup mentsuyu (noodle soup base) (dilute 2-3 occasions primarily founded on preference, See Notes for selfmade Tsuyu recipe)
2 programs Udon noodles (I always purchase frozen “Sanuki Udon”)
2 tsp dried wakame seaweed
1 inexperienced onion/scallion
1 Persian/Japanese cucumbers
2 inch daikon radish (green ideal side of daikon tastes sweeter)
½ cup Tenkasu/Agedama (tempura scraps)
1 soft/hard-boiled egg
4 grape tomatoes
¼ tsp white sesame seeds (roasted/toasted)


Gather all of the ingredients.
If you're going to/need to make Mentsuyu from scratch, comply with the recipe here.

Put wakake seaweed in a small bowl and soak for 15 minutes. After soaking, queeze the water out and set aside

Thinly slice the scallion.

Peel the cucumber (leave a few skin) and thinly slice diagonally. Then cut into julienne strips. Set aside.

Peel the daikon pores and pores and dermis and grate. Squeeze the water out and set aside.

Heat water in a pot and whilst it boils, upload frozen udon and prepare dinner till it boils again. Remove udon from boiling water and funky in ice bath. Wait till it cools totally and drain.

To make the sauce, upload 1/3 cup of Mentsuyu. My Mentsuyu recipe ought to be diluted about 2-3 occasions depending in your preference. If you use shop offered mentsuyu, learn the directions to see in case you may use it “straight” (no must dilute) or if it ought to be diluted 2 occasions or 3 times. Add ice cubes to maintain tsuyu cool.

Serve udon at the plate/bowl and upload toppings on top. Pour the Mentsuyu (sauce) over and enjoy!