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Brazilian Lemonade, Brazilian Limeade – no matter you desire to name it, it truly is one delicious and fresh drink that we take pleasure in yr round!


Large glass pitcher filled with Brazilian Lemo
nade (sometimes referred to as Brazilian Limemade) with ice cubes and slices of lime floating internal and sliced chunks of lime on a slicing board in entrance of it.

This is one among our favourite treats that appears to move perfectly with everything.  Of course it’s a positive drink to take pleasure in throughout the summer time while the times are lengthy and hot, but it’s also excellent within the winter while limes are in season and at their juicy best! 

I first tried this Brazilian lemonade recipe after seeing it on Our Best Bites, who posted about it method again in 2010, and we’ve been making it ever since.  It’s sweet-tart, tangy, and ever so rather creamy method to the addition of a few sweetened condensed milk.

If you've ever eaten at one among many regular Brazilian steakhouses like Tucanos or Fogo de chao, you will have had a threat to strive this wonderfully sweet-tart Brazilian Lemonade.  Serve it with nearly anything, but should you're doing a Brazilian-themed meal, it’s incredibly delicious with Brazilian black beans and Brazilian white rice.

Two glasses of Brazilian Lemonade (also identified as Swiss Lemonade or Brazilian Limeade), with ice cubes and lime wedges sitting on a slicing board with sliced limes.

It appears like a unusual misnomer to name this beverage “lemonade” while there are now not any real lemons in it.  But the cause is truly as the phrase for equally lemons and limes in Portuguese is limão. 

I’ve also learn that it truly is typically truly referred to as Swiss Lemonade in Brazil, though I don’t recognise why or regardless of even if that’s truly true.  It may just also simply be a local title from Brazilian limeade or lemonade, given that Brazil is such a titanic country!

You are going to desire a nice blender to make Brazilian lemonade.  A Vitamix or a Blendtec are maybe the NULL finest identified brands, and I love my Vitamix and apply it to an nearly every day basis.  But should you don’t have one, I’m adding a number of work arounds within the recipe notes.  But it’s so a lot simpler to simply use a blender for this recipe.

First you desire to make certain you've nice, juicy limes.  Ones with thin, mushy skins are the finest since they have a excellent deal less white pith among the outer pores and epidermis and the flesh of the lime and that’s the place any bitterness comes from.

Give the limes a nice scrub with just a bit little bit of hand or dish cleaning soap to get rid of wax and any pesticides, then slice of the ends of every lime and cut them into 1/8ths.

Fresh limes cut into 1/8ths competent to move into Brazilian lemonade with a glass of ice and a bowl of limes behind them.

Drop half of the limes into your blender, alongside with half of the water and sugar referred to as for within the recipe and pulse it about 5 to 7 times.  You don’t truly desire to pulverize the limes or your Brazilian lemonade may just end up bitter.

A vitamix blender with water, sugar and split limes, competent to be mixed into Brazilian Lemonade.

Pour everything by means of a fine-mesh strainer right into a titanic pitcher, utilizing the again of a spoon to press the limes to launch any additional juice, then toss the pulp and skins away and repeat the activity with the ultimate half of the limes, water and sugar.

Lime skins and pulp in a strainer after being mixed with water and sugar and strained to make Brazilian limeade.

After that, you simply stir in a few sweetened condensed milk (it makes a vast difference so I genuinely wouldn’t skip this!) and a host of ice and serve!  It doesn’t preserve very well, that is the only disadvantage to this drink, nevertheless it heavily takes 5 minutes or a excellent deal less to make and we by no means have leftovers, so that’s now not often an issue.  I really have truly even frozen this in popsicle molds and we’ve loved it that method too, that is a yummy summer time treat!

Don't pulverize the limes by mixing them considering that it gets additional juice out of them.  That will simply launch additional of the pith, that is the bitter, white layer among the inexperienced outer pores and epidermis and the juicy flesh of the lime inside.  Pulsing the limes into the sugar water 5 to 7 occasions is plenty!

Brazilian Lemonade
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Brazilian Lemonade, Brazilian Limeade - no matter you desire to name it, it truly is one delicious and fresh drink that we take pleasure in yr round!

prep time

total time


 four juicy limes, washed and scrubbed clean
 6 cups water
 1 cup sugar
 6 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk


Wash limes correctly by, scrubbing the pores and epidermis with hand or dish cleaning soap to take away any pesticides or wax.  Slice off the ends of every lime, then cut them into 1/8ths.

In a blender, combine half of the water, half of the sugar, and half of the limes, then pulse 5-7 times.  Pour by means of a fine-mesh strainer right into a pitcher, urgent the lime pulp with a spoon to assist launch juices, then discarding the ultimate skins and pulp.  Repeat with the different half of the water, sugar, and limes.

Stir the sweetened condensed milk into the limeade and serve with plenty of ice and thin slices of lime for garnish.  If the drink tastes bitter at all, you'll be able to upload just a bit additional sweetened condensed milk or sugar as needed.