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My seek for the greatest domestic made margherita pizza (made in a elementary oven with daily ingredients) is over! You’ll desire to make this domestic made pizza recipe over and over again. For step-by-step dough instructions, verify out the margherita pizza video below!

Best Margherita Pizza Recipe
The time has come! I’ve been teasing you on Instagram for weeks, and I sincerely apologize. I was busy consuming this margherita pizza.

Best Homemade Margherita Pizza

Ok, so let me be honest. I now not often ever, EVER inform you that a recipe is the greatest of anything. Let alone, placed it in caps! Sure, I’ll say that anything is delicious, but declaring such bold statements commonly makes me super uncomfortable. I’m terrified that you'll pass residence and make mentioned best-ever-recipe and be disappointed. I could hate that.

But I’m feeling very nice about this greatest margherita pizza recipe and I’m positive that you'll love it.

Homemade Margherita Pizza Ingredients
I’m now not an authority on domestic made pizza by any means, but I’ve certainly eaten my share of pizza, equally tremendous and never so great.

The greatest margherita pizza that I’ve ever eaten in my complete life was in Naples, Italy a couple of years ago throughout our experience to the Amalfi Coast. We stood in line in a cobblestone highway simply off of Via Tribunali within the ancient region (known for having the greatest pizza puts within the complete world), and snagged a desk on the noted Gino Sorbillo.

It’s all the time a nice signal whilst you’re in Italy and a million different Italians are status in line for the actual similar pizza. No tourists, simply Italians. It wasn’t fancy within the slightest. There was a disco pale hanging from the ceiling and the cups had been of the flimsy plastic variety.

Oh, nevertheless it was glorious. The pizzas fee basically three euros and arrived flopping off of the plates. Literally, flopping. They had been huge. I ate each final chew of that pizza and got here again for one other one the very subsequent day.

Homemade Margherita Pizza on Pizza Peel
So, whilst I say that today’s recipe is the greatest domestic made margherita pizza, I’m taking all of those pizza-eating studies into account. I’m now not going to  declare that this pizza tastes similar to a real Neapolitan pizza or that you’ll by no means style a increased pizza backyard of your kitchen again. That could be ludicrous (and fairly obnoxious) and simply now not true.

But I do trust that here's the greatest margherita pizza that you’ll be capable to make on your personal kitchen, with a elementary oven, with average daily meals (no fancy flours required), and with out making ready an exceptionally time-intensive pizza dough days in advance.

First issues first. Let’s discuss equipment. A baking stone or metal is a ought to for tremendous pizza at home. I used to own this one and although its cumbersome and often annoying, I shop it in my oven 99% of the time so that it doesn’t take up helpful garage house (just be certain to take away it out of your oven whilst you're baking or cooking different recipes!). I these days changed it with this baking metal and adore it even more.

Pizza stones may be expensive, but I really trust they're 100 percent value the investment when you're interested in making pizza or bread at home. Baking stones take up the warmth out of your oven and permit you to imitate brick-ovens, which commonly attain temperatures in extra of 800 tiers Fahrenheit. They assist you gain crispy crusts by pulling moisture from no matter dough you're baking, adding pizza crusts.

I also suggest a pizza peel, simply due to the fact it'll make pizza-making so lots easier. Wooden or metal, it'll permit you to slip the pizza speedy onto the baking stone and make it lots simpler to take away the pizza from the oven as soon as it's done.

If you don’t own a pizza peel (or don’t desire to own a pizza peel), you possibly can use the again of a broad baking sheet or flat cookie sheet to move the pizza onto the stone – but it's cumbersome!

Homemade Margherita Pizza Recipe
For the greatest margherita pizza, you'll desire to preheat your oven to the maximum temperature possible. For my oven, that's 550 tiers Fahrenheit. I permit my baking stone to preheat for no less than 30 minutes (regardless of regardless of even if my oven is prepared simply due to the fact it takes time on your baking stone to come to temperature). The upper the temperature the better. This recipe makes NULL 10-inch pizzas, and so they ought to be capable to effectively prepare dinner in 7 to 8 minutes at that temperature.

[I have heard of a few substitutes for pizza stones (such as utilizing a cast-iron pan, which does work or preheating a baking sheet), but I commonly discover that they contain a very, very popular piece of tools (that you’re then shifting the pizza onto) and it comprises lots additional hassle.

It is fundamental that your pizza dough could be very thin whilst it is going into the oven. The edges may be fairly thicker, but you ought to be capable to see some pale by means of the dough (in the center), or you won’t be capable to gain a thin, yet crisp pizza crust.


Ok, that was lots of discussion about pizza equipment. Let’s get to the toppings! I’ve experimented lots with domestic made pizzas over the years and have commonly been disappointed in my early makes an attempt at margherita pizzas for assorted reasons.


I have discovered alongside the method that uncooked tomato sauces are how you possibly can go. They also are super easy, flavorful, and authentic. Pureed San Marzano canned tomatoes (if you can’t discover San Marzano, Italian plum tomatoes are the subsequent greatest option), garlic (pressed or grated with a microplane), a contact of olive oil, salt, and pepper. That’s it!

Whatever you do, keep away from placing a thick layer of sauce on the pizza simply due to the fact it'll outcome in a much less crisp crust. It ought to be very thin.

Sliced Margherita Pizza


Mozzarella! Buy recent mozzarella, preferably now not packed in water. Avoid the low value form which you just discover within the refrigerated part of your grocery shop alongside the milk and yogurt (please don’t purchase grated cheese).

Go to the unique cheese part and purchase the good-quality cheese. It makes a vast difference. I suggest BelGioisio mozzarella, which is extensively available.

Instead of thinly slicing the cheese and setting it in broad slices over your pizza, I strongly suggest chopping it into 1/2-inch cubes and sprinkling it flippantly over the pizza. Alternatively, you possibly can tear it by hand into small pieces, no thicker than 1/2-inch. This additional step enables distribute the cheese and moisture evenly.

If you possibly can basically discover water-packed mozzarella: Be certain to pat the cubed mozzarella dry with paper-towels earlier than it is going onto your pizza. Otherwise, it might probably leach water throughout the cooking process, and outcome in a soggier crust.


Finishing touches! Fresh torn basil, a sprinkling of freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese, and a bit bit drizzle of good-quality additional virgin olive oil.  Whatever you do, don’t over-do it with the toppings.

Minimalism is fundamental whilst it comprises a tremendous pizza at home. Go forth and make pizza!!! If you desire to make different variations, you’ll love this red pepper pizza. If you favor pizzas with out tomato sauce, attempt this arugula pizza or this mushroom pizza. source