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10 Minute Easy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (Dairy Free)

This simple Asian Cucumber Salad is made with crunchy cucumber, onion, rice wine vinegar, and a couple of mystery ingredients! An simple Cucumber Salad that takes only 10 minutes to make and is certain to be a hit.

10 Minute Easy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (Dairy Free) in a large glass jar

Easy Cucumber Salad
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No, I’m gonna ask you to make one other deal! You ought to promise me that you're going to make this Asian Cucumber Salad. Deal?

What is Cucumber Salad?
Cucumber Salad comprises thinly sliced cucumbers, onions and tossed in a candy barely tangy dressing. The dressing ought to be creamy or a vinaigrette.

How Do You Make Cucumber Salad Asian?
Thinly slice cucumbers, onions and red pepper. Add meals to a bowl.
To small bowl upload rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, honey and salt. Using a whisk, stir to combine.
Pour asian vinaigrette over the vegetables. Gently toss.
Serve on the moment or shop in refrigerator to allow the cucumbers take up the marinade.
How Long Can You Keep Cucumbers in Vinegar?
Cucumbers ought to be saved on this vinegar dressing for as much as 3 days. If saved longer than 3 days the cucumbers will bounce to lose their crispness.

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Do you children just like the pores and epidermis or do they make you peel it off? Growing up I use to make my mother take the pores and epidermis off. But now that I’m older I just like the skin.

Can You Peel the Skin Off a Cucumber?
Yes, you possibly can peel the pores and epidermis off of a cucumber utilizing a vegetable peeler or a paring knife. Cucumbers include lots of nutrition and the pores and epidermis itself is a well supply of fiber so I quite suggest protecting it on, it also provides a well “crunch” factor.

The style on this Asian Cucumber Salad is so fresh, tangy and delicious. I virtually couldn’t cease consuming it to shoot these pictures! The greatest phase is, it takes 10 minutes to make. Which is simply the “slicing” phase of recipe.

How Do You Cut Cucumbers for Salad?
Cucumber Salad is at it’s greatest when the cucumbers are thinly sliced – about 1/8″. This ought to be reasonably labor intensive, but for the ones who have a Mandoline, use it, it'll make your life lots easier. If you use a knife it'll take you 5-10 minutes to slice the cucumbers (not bad AT all)!

Ok, again to the style of this Asian Cucumber Salad.

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This Asian Cucumber Salad is stuffed with rice wine vinegar for the predominant style profile. Vinegar is what provides most cucumber salads that tangy bite. Instead of cream, yogurt or sour cream I extra a bit of toasted sesame oil which made this cucumber salad dairy free. The toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds amplified the asian style after which I done it off with red pepper flakes and a contact of honey.

Y’all it’s totally amazing! This might be vast simply as a fun summer season area dish otherwise you might use it as a condiment and positioned it on upper of a few Pulled Pork Sandwiches , Burgers or Chipotle Barbacoa Tacos. However you choose to make use of it, simply choose to make it! Like.. asap!

Bon Appetit friends!

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overhead photograph of 10 Minute Easy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (Dairy Free) in a bowl with a spoon
10 Minute Easy Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe

Author: Krista  Prep Time: 10 mins  Total Time: 10 mins  Yield: four 1x  Category: Side Dish, Appetizer, Vegetarian, Condiments, Salads  Method: Salad, How to Cold Pickle  Cuisine: Asian
10 Minute Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe made with crunchy cucumber, onion, rice wine vinegar, and a couple of mystery ingredients! An easy, light, fresh Cucumber Salad that’s certain to be a hit.

SCALE 1x2x3x


4 cups of very thinly sliced seedless cucumbers (i used mini cucumbers)
1/4 cup of finely sliced red onion
1/4 cup of fined diced red pepper
1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of sesame seeds
1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
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Add VERY thinly sliced cucumber, sliced red onion, diced red pepper, and sesame seeds to a medium measurement bowl. Set aside.
In a small bowl blend collectively rice wine vinegar, honey, toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and sea salt .
Add dressing to the cucumber bowl. Toss to blend everything.
Serve on the moment or hide and allow sit within the refrigerator for an hour or NULL to allow all of the flavors meld.source